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Parent-Student Agreement

Download the Parent-Student Agreement form in pdf format.

Dear Van Meter Parents or Guardians and Students,

The goal at Van Meter School is to provide a safe and friendly environment - an environment which is cohesive with our character traits of respect, cooperation, responsibility, compassion, acceptance of diversity, honesty, caring, effort, self-discipline and good judgment. There is a minimum of school problems because time is given to reviewing the school policy and standards with our students In the classroom and at home.

We ask all students and their parents to read and discuss our school rules and standards; and then sign below. This is a community effort so we need all our families and staff members to be part of making Van Meter School a safe and happy place. Thank you for taking the timeto review this important policy.

The Van Meter Staff


I have read the Van Meter Character Traits, rules and behavioral expectations. I will do my personal best to follow the rules and make our school a safe and happy place fore everyone.

Parents or Guardians:

I have read and discussed the Van Meter School Character Traits, rules and behavioral expectations. I will help to support and reinforce the school’s policy throughout the year.